(DLP) D2-120

Digital Light Processing (DLP) D2-120


The most advanced optical engine:

  • Full HD UV(1920×1080)

  • Selectable engines 405, 385, 365 nm

  • Fine-adjustable light power function applied

  • Exclusive developed engine by partnership of the world’s largest optical group

High Precision mechanical system:

  • High-reliable Z Axis Actuator applied

  • 25-200 microns adjustable

  • Deviation measurement and compensation algorithm applied

  • Changeable printing speed in 3 sections

  • Whole parts inspected and calibrated by 0.001mm grade laser detective device

Control system:

  • Self-developed control board applied (differentiated from regular open source boards)

  • All in one from R&D to manufacturing

  • Dual embedded system ensures perfect stability due to the complete separation of driving and projection


Specification D2-120

Layer thickness

25 ~100 μm

Max. Build volume

120(W)x67.5(D)x100(H) [mm]

Max. Printing speed

Up to 20mm/h (vertical direction)

DLP engine

1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 405 μm UV LED

XY resolution

62.5 μm

Printer operation system


Electrical requirement

100~240 Vac, 50/0 Hz

Power consumption

Approximately 150 W


Approximately 40kg


310(W)x430(D)x910(H) [mm]

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