DigitalSmile system


Digital Smile System is a software that allows dentists and technicians to realize the digital project of the aesthetical and functional smile rehabilitation through simple and automatic tools.

Pictures automatic alignment: Thanks to the pictures automatic alignment system it is possible to align frontal and intraoral pictures of the patient with just two clicks.
Measure system in mm: The simplicity of the system calibration is allowed by the algorithm which converts pixels in millimitres with just two clicks.
Custom calibration system: It is possible to calibrate the system even without the Eyewear starting from a known measurment.
PDF project report: DSS records every step of the project, in the end of the workflow it draws up a PDF report with all pictures and actions realized by the operator.
Trial of virtual waxup on the patient’s face: The operator will be able to align waxup with patient’s face in order to realize the mockup.
Direct integration with DentalCAD: Direct integration with Digital Smile System (DSS) software allows to import the rehibilitation project in a CAD environment and to realize the mockup in order to use it as reference for the final project realization.
This feature’s advantages are clear not only for dentists and dental technicians, who gets a fluid workflow which keeps steady the patient’s expected result, but also for patients themselves who get proof about the final aestethic outcome.

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