We pride ourselves with a wide range of prosthetics ranging from low cost, kid friendly solutions to higher-end customized waterproof options that provide an improved quality of life.


We offer a complete software solution for scanning, modeling, and fabrication of custom prosthetics and orthotics. Practitioners can scan and sculpture the 3D model to their desire before printing. It is used to design prosthetics, orthotics, molds and covers.



Prosthetic Sockets

We offer definitive and check prosthetic sockets that could be specifically designed and printed to accommodate different suspension and attachment methods. The use of additive manufacturing allows for uniform thickness throughout the socket in a very short time.





Waterproof Prosthetic Leg

Waterproof prosthetic allows the amputee to have an easier lifestyle where it is possible to shower, walk on the beach or even swim. The waterproof prosthetic has a definitive socket, suction sleeve, pylon and hardware, a pin-lock or suction suspension system, a cosmetic cover and our waterproof prosthetic foot.




Prosthetic feet

3D printed prosthetic feet that are extremely versatile. They allow the prosthetic to customize it according to the patient weight, activity level, and personal preference through basic grinding. 



Low cost Prosthetics

We provide low cost, kid friendly prosthetics that allow children to enjoy an active lifestyle. They are designed with them in mind therefore keeping them colourful and lightweight.



Prosthetic Covers

Prosthetic Covers are custom made to protect your prosthetic and to allow you to set a fashion statement. The covers are versatile and come in different styles.


Functional Foot Orthotics

Customized functional foot orthotics are designed to meet the patient’s needs. Molds are 3d scanned and then the modifications could be applied to the model for accurate correction.


Pectus Carinatum Brace

Fully customized Pectus Carinatum Brace allows for comfortable and perfect fit. The 3d printing technology allows for the use of lightweight materials leading to an improved patient quality of life.



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