Hearing Aids

With the latest technologies in 3D scanning and 3D printing services, we are capable of designing and producing the perfect customized hearing aid shells, ear moulds, noise protection and soft moulds for customers.

Hearing aid shells

Using 3D printing we are capable of printing shells as thin as 0.2mm for smaller hearing aids as patients strive for hearing aids that could be hidden in the ear canal.




Hearing aid molds

Molds are created by performing a 3D scan of the recipient’s ear in order to ensure a proper fit, mapping the topography of the ear all the way down to the eardrum. A digital model of the scan is then created and prepared for 3D printing.


Hearing aid soft tips

Soft tips are used instead of ear moulds for open ear fitting for less severe hearing loss. 3D printing soft tips ensures better fitting for patients.







Hearing protection

Ears are 3D scanned; hearing protections are then designed specific to patient and then 3D printed. These processes ensure guarantees perfect fitting and therefore improving performance.



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