Dental Restoration / Ortho studio software

Dental Restoration / Ortho studio software that enables designing of models of crowns, bridges, implants, partial dentures, full dentures and abutment. CAD/CAM software creates a 3D digital model of a dental restoration and then instructs a mill or 3D printer on how to produce it. The obtained files are compatible with all the dental milling machines.

Model Available: Digital Smile, DentalCAD

Clear Aligner Software

We offer computer guided modeling and designing of clear invisible aligners for the entire treatment plan using specialized clear aligner software. Clear aligners provide a faster, more comfortable and healthier solution elevating the entire patient and dentist experience.

Surgical Guides Software

We also offer computer guided surgery planning for guided dental implant. Computer guided surgery planning makes use of computer software for implant planning and fabricating high quality surgical guides.

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