Desktop 3D Scanners

All dental lab scanners are designed to create a 3D digital model based on either a physical dental model or impression. Desktop 3D scanners are available for labs and clinics that use traditional impressions. It scans preparations and impression with excellent marginal integrity, providing a precise 3d digital model for patient anatomy to fit for multiple uses and different applications.

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Intraoral Scanners

A fully digitalized lab starts with an intraoral scanner for a faster and more convenient impression. Digital models and clearer initial information at the beginning of the treatment result in better fitting appliances and higher quality outcomes. The use of a digital impression results in fewer remakes, eliminates the cost of impression material, improved workflow, reduced office visits and greater patient satisfaction. A single imaging session from an intraoral scanner can produce models for records and diagnostics, eliminate the need for a conventional impression and stone model, and provide instant educational information for the doctor as well as the patient. One of the fallbacks of using traditional impressions is that the techniques vary, while the technique for acquiring digital impressions with an intraoral scanner is always the same for all patients.

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