Dental Services

One of our major medical applications for 3D printers and digital technology is the dental sector where the full digitalized operation is used to deliver a fast, accurate and high-quality restoration and orthodontic products. We deliver a full solution for dental labs, clinics and dentist practice.


Dental restoration and fixed prosthetic devices

Our lab 3D digital lab provides fabrication of dental restoration and fixed prosthetic devices including crowns, bridges, dentures, temporary teeth and more.

Equipment needed: 3D Scanners, Dental Restoration / Ortho studio software, CAD/CAM Milling Machines, 3D printers



Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner is a high quality, highly precise and effective product used for teeth alignment. Made up of best of raw materials and precision machinery, it is invisible and a convenient alternative to metal braces providing greater aesthetics, flexibility and comfort.

Equipment needed: 3D Scanners, Clear Aligner software, 3D Printers


Surgical Guides

Computer guided surgery planning makes use of computer software for implant planning and fabricating high quality surgical guides. This ensures a safe and effective dental surgery.

Equipment needed: 3D Scanners, Surgical Guides software, 3D Printers

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