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  About us

3D Med is a multinational company bringing 3D printing and digital technology to the medical field in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Kenya. Our aim is to introduce the third industrial revolution to the medical market to encourage innovation for a more efficient healing process. 3D printing and digital technology breaks the conventional production methods and open doors for more possibilities. 3D Med focuses on superior quality, value for your money and keeping up with latest technologies. We assure your smooth transition into this technology by providing you with all your needs. 3D Med provides you with the required machinery, materials, software and training to reach your goals in a short time.


Our vision is to shape the future of medical industry by means of digital tools and equipments. We aim to achieve continuous innovation in the digital technology market.


Our mission is to promote 3D digital technology to all sectors of the medical field and to constantly introduce the latest innovations.




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Email: info@3dmed.co
Phone Turkey: 00902126020999
Phone Saudi Arabia: 00966542867861
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